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MultiversX and Cornell University join forces for blockchain education


MultiversX and Cornell University join forces for blockchain education
  • MultiversX and Cornell have launched Blockchain Essentials Program for 100 underserved students.
  • The program offers free education, mentorship, and potential funding for blockchain projects.
  • The program is aimed at fostering inclusivity and innovation in blockchain technology.

MultiversX, in partnership with Cornell University’s eCornell, has unveiled an innovative Blockchain Essentials Program aimed at supporting 100 economically disadvantaged college students.

This initiative offers a unique opportunity for participants to gain specialized knowledge in blockchain technology, receive mentorship, and potentially secure funding for community-focused blockchain projects upon completion.

Empowering underserved students through blockchain education

The Blockchain Essentials Program, set to begin on July 17, 2024, stands out for its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Designed as an online learning experience, the program will be conducted in private cohorts, ensuring each student receives personalized attention. This approach not only facilitates a supportive learning environment but also caters specifically to the needs of underserved students who may face barriers to accessing high-quality educational opportunities.

In addition, MultiversX and eCornell have waived the usual $3,750 course fee, making the program financially accessible to its target demographic. By eliminating this financial burden, the initiative aims to democratize access to blockchain education, empowering students from diverse backgrounds to explore and leverage blockchain technology’s potential.

MultiversX to support Blockchain Essentials Program graduates

Upon successful completion of the Blockchain Essentials Program, participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their expertise in blockchain essentials.

Beyond certification, the most compelling aspect of the initiative is the promise of continued support from MultiversX.

Graduates will have the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance from industry experts, as well as potential funding to develop blockchain projects that address community needs.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX, emphasized the program’s role in fostering innovation and inclusivity within the blockchain space. He highlighted the program’s goal to onboard talented individuals into Web3 ecosystems, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to blockchain development and deployment.

In addition to educational support, MultiversX recently introduced “Sovereign Chains,” a next-generation blockchain infrastructure aimed at enhancing transaction throughput. This technology, capable of significantly increasing transactions per second and smart contract capabilities, underscores MultiversX’s commitment to advancing blockchain scalability and usability.

Overall, the Blockchain Essentials Program not only equips students with valuable blockchain knowledge but also positions them as potential leaders in driving blockchain innovation within their communities.

By bridging the gap between education and practical application, MultiversX and Cornell University are paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in blockchain technology.

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