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Bittensor, bullish despite dip as AltSignals offers buy opportunity


  • AltSignals offers an AI-powered trading signals platform, with ASI as the native utility and governance token.
  • ASI recently listed on Uniswap and has surged more than 32% in the past week.
  • FET and TAO tokens could be an attractive bet for portfolio diversification.

As Bitcoin headlines crypto news stories with its surge to new all-time highs, the market is patiently getting into position for the cycle boom that could see altcoins moon. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest narratives in this respect, and Bittensor (TAO) and (FET) stand out.

Another under the radar token is AltSignals, a trading signals provider whose AI layer is set to revolutionize the trading industry.

AltSignals (ASI): Future of AI-powered trading signals

AltSignals (ASI) is an established trading signals platform that has gained traction since 2017. Now with artificial intelligence (AI) in the ascendancy across the crypto market, the project has introduced a new layer that could take its high-quality trading signals to a new level of accuracy.

So far, traders have enjoyed an average win rate of 64%, with higher rates across some of the leading signals. 

With thousands of signals accessible to the AltAlgo community, the new ActualizeAI layer will take it to an average of 80%. Natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and predictive analytics are some of the AI enhancements that are set to unleash a new era for the trading community.

The ASI token powers this new platform and saw a successful presale in late 2023. The utility and governance token is now listed on Uniswap and CoinGecko. 

Bittensor (TAO) and (FET): Dips are for buying?

Bittensor (TAO) is one of the AI related coins that exploded in the past month. TAO price rose to an all-time high of $758 on March 7, 2024, blasting into top spot amongst largest AI tokens by market cap.

Bittensor offers a blockchain network that incentivizes development and distribution of artificial intelligence technology. The TAO token is key to this innovation and has seen a lot of interest amid the rising demand for computing power.

Currently trading at $617, TAO price is nearly 16% down in the past week. The total supply of 21 million and market cap of under $4 billion suggest TAO could yet rise to a new all-time high.

On the other hand, (FET) has declined by about 8% in the past 24 hours. This comes after the FET token soared amid major developments in the AI space. OpenAI’s Sora launch, Nvidia’s earnings and continued investments from across the industry buoyed investors, pushing FET higher.

In particular,’s announcement on GPU rewards for FET stakers helped catalyse the token’s surge to above $1.2.’s outlook as a top blockchain platform where users can build, deploy and monetize their AI services helps this forecast. At $2.58 and with a market cap of just $2.7 billion, analysts are upbeat about its potential for more gains.

Is ASI worth investing in today?

Bittensor and are likely to lead the AI narrative in the crypto market, with developments across the globe key.

Meanwhile, AltSignals’ growing impact as an AI-powered trading signals platform has the market showing increased interest. The ASI token’s listing on Uniswap will be followed by other top exchange listings, while the launch of ActualizeAI is a game-changer for this already successful signals platform.

Currently priced at $0.006528, the ASI token has jumped more than 66% from its March 5, 2024 lows of $0.003913. According to CoinGecko data, ASI/USD has increased by more than 32% in the past week.

Despite the gains, AltSignals (ASI) still trades at attractively low prices and likely, a good entry point as bulls continue to dictate sentiment.

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